siberia – the mural 29|11|18 – 28|02|19

Hendrik Beikirch

Vernissage |29|11|18 19 Uhr

The black and white portraits by Hendrik Beikirch are far more than images of different people. The artist rather creates stories in faces with his works. In addition to smaller works on canvas, Beikirch also paints monumental, large-scale works on facades in public spaces.
He has already performed projects in numerous cities in different countries and continents of this world, from Asia to Europe and North America. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to open with the exhibition siberia - the mural the first Hendrik Beikirch exposition in the zone contemporaine on November 29th, 2018.

Beikirch was inspired, as a teenager of the 1980s, by the film “Wild Style” that documents the early graffiti culture in New York. Graffiti became his life's content. Soon, however, he turned away from spraying letters and began to create conceptually oriented walls. He integrates his multi-storey black and white portraits of people in public space, allowing them to interact with the dynamic urban environment, thereby triggering emotions in the viewer. His models are fascinating personalities, who went through many ups and downs and whose faces tell life stories. It is more than the illustration of people. Beikirch captures the soul of man with his nuanced play of light and shadow.
With the frontal view or half-profile, Beikirch shows his portraits in views that are typical for the portrait’s genre. In his works that are close to realism, he directs and influences the view of the beholder in urban space. He captures the state of his models in the flow of time, preserves it and thereby transforms something transient into something meaningful.